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If our vaunted rule of the people does not breed nobler men and women than monarchies have done it must and will inevitably give place to something better.

Will it please you to answer me this and to give me a rule for then I will willingly submit to any truth.

Don't rule out working with your hands. It does not preclude using your head.

I am very much opposed to abortion personally. But I don't think it is the government's rule.

Expedience, not justice, is the rule of contemporary American law.

A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with - a man is what he makes of himself.

Oblivion is the rule and fame the exception, of humanity.

If you look upon the rule in Titus it is a rule to me. If you convince me that it is no rule I shall yield.

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

Borrowing to pay for college used to be the exception; now it's the rule.

The clear-sighted do not rule the world, but they sustain and console it.

I live for my children, so my number one rule is I won't go away from home for more than two weeks.

I never speak for my husband, and I never speak for my children. It's a rule. Believe me, it is.

It is an axiom, enforced by all the experience of the ages, that they who rule industrially will rule politically.

Everyone sees they cannot well live asunder, nor many together, without some rule to which all must submit.

The big companies and their short-term bottom line rule this country.

There is no rule that says a footballer needs to be 'this high' and 'this wide.'

Israel is a society governed by the rule of law.

Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents.

If you're calling yourself a maverick and you're not Dirk Nowitzki, then you are probably not one. In fact, this rule applies to anyone declaring themselves a 'God-fearing Christian' or a 'Man of the people.'